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IOS applications available on Android, big news !!

During WWDC15, we found Apple reached the same level as his contenders. It is important for each brand working in the field must stay competitive. Indeed, the Apple brand has presented new applications which one of them could soon be on Android. It would be a marketing choice. Anyway, it still be a good news for users of the latter. Aside from that, there has also been some updates on some applications that do not leave us indifferent.

The announcements of the keynote

On 8 June 2015, the keynote has made some major announcements like the new vesrion of OS X called the "El Capitan". The latter will allow you to write multiple messages at one time in your mails and other features.

The iOS 9 is now available on iPhone but also iPad. This is a proactive management software. It allows possibility to pass on the low battery mode to earn a little more autonomy.

If before, only the USA could benefit from the payment system called Apple Pay, now the UK can too from July.

With the Notes application, you can create your own to-do list by adding images or a link to a website page that interests you.

Public transport are now integrated into the Maps application with pedestrian directions combined.

An update was also performed for the iPad which possess now the iOS9 with the arrival of a trackpad. The latter is now multitasking.

Apple Watch also knows an update. Now you have the ability to answer e-mails from your watch.

New applications?

Two new applications were presented at the WWDC15. One of them is the Apple News gives you the opportunity to choose the themes that appeal to you and allows the creation of news feeds available from your mobile devices. It is available only in three countries including USA, Australia and UK. So certainly not like digital publishing.

The second is the Apple music and streaming. This is the new brand. This application has a revolutionary music service with the ability to listen to three radio: New York, London and Los Angeles. It will be available on Android and this is not for all the application. Only the latter can be.


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