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Always look for more effective code for your website

The it solutions now offers many opportunities for the design of a website, its optimization. Putting his online business is one thing but to grow its site is another. For this, we must have recourse to web development. Since 2013, the internet connection from France knows a hit when site access becomes heavier. It is quite obvious that the overall performance of a website must be linked to its traffic. However, it is also important to know that vitsse its site is fundamental. The performance of a website is defined by three criteria which the increase in traffic, converting a prospect into customer loyalty but also. The latter role is to measure the effectiveness of the site in question when it is perfectly optimized.

Why always improve the performance of its site?

The online site of latency is the main lever for the conversion of a client in prospect. However, entrepreneurs do not négocent it right either because they lack technical knowledge in marketing or computer or because they have a small budget to afford the services of a specialized developer in the field or because they do not have time to devote to the development of their site. The proof, Amazon lost 1% of its turnover every 100ms extra load.

This means that it is a necessary detail to be taken into account. The majority of people are faced with these problems a little too late because the site is already well underway. The activity of the company is then assigned. It is clear that when a site is becoming slower, users simply navigate stop it.

The performance is so important. For this it is best to call a developer. It is also important to set up an optimization plan to improve the shopping cart abandonment rates as well as the ranking of your site. To optimize your site you need to do an audit of the latter while being short a complete overhaul of your site for rendering the image size and the minification of your files to optimize their size. Basically, whenever you notice improvements in development.


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